Our ethos here at San Portablo1901 has always been about celebrating the cultural history of Port Talbot and the surrounding areas. From a design perspective, our aim and objective has always been about producing quirky, top quality designs and garments that stand out from the crowd and offer something different.  

The idea of designing a T-shirt featuring Terry Allen was something that we'd considered and discussed as far back as spring 2017.

Terry first approached us in the summer of that year, when we were still in our old shop next door to Spec-Savers in town. He was very keen for us to make a T-shirt with him on it, offering to come in and model for us whenever we wanted. We gave him a couple of designs, a Maes-Vegas and a Miami Beach, and told him we'd be in touch.

The original idea for our Plaza T-shirt depicted Terry sitting on the window sill of the Plaza cafe wearing his infamous kilt, smoking a rollie and drinking a can of his favourite tipple, Olde English Cider.

However, due to size restrictions, if we'd gone ahead and printed that particular design then Terry would have come out tiny, measuring roughly the same size as a lego man, if not smaller. It would have meant losing all of the wonderful detail captured on the current T-shirt, i.e, the beard, the cowboy hat, the can of cider etc.

Several designs later, we've now finally been able to finish what we started. The Terry Allen T-shirt is in store now, available to buy in many different colours and sizes.

Most importantly, the T-shirt has been given a big thumbs up by the man himself.

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