New Design

Selwyn Jenkins sold Sportswear in San Portablo in the 60's, 70's 80's and the 90's....

Its was opposite the Midland Bank in Heol Gorsaf...

Not long before Selwyn became proprietor of this establishment...

Some chancers had dug a tunnel from the shop to the Bank...

Their bungled heist was foiled on the eve of the planned apocalpyse



  • Grae

    BEAST! sexy beast.

  • Grae

    is this where Jonathan Glazer got the idea for Sexy Best? Swimming trunks lads? peace and loving the #shunk

  • SImon

    Got my first pool cue from selwyns, went back for chalk on a regular basis. Was a bigger visitor to Eric’s on Victoria road for my adidas track suits and gazelles.

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