Last November 2016 San Portablo bought out a limited run of Miami Beach single print sweatshirts. 

Since that time we've had constant calls from our customers asking for us to bring out the Miami Beach design on a t-shirt since that time, and we're very happy to finally have the t-shirt now in stock in a range of sizes and colours, from small to Five XL.

The t-shirt has had an upgrade, it's now a two colour black and white print, making the design come alive with a defining outline which emboldens the great steel frame and the Miami Beach and Amusement Park lettering.

Miami Beach bit the dust in the early 1980's, ripped down to make way for more monstrous grey concrete, and, sadly, Port Talbot lost its Amusement Park.



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  • City Bob

    Just seen the Vice documentary and would like to wish you all the best! I’m not from Port Talbot or even Wales (from West Yorks) but your T Shirts look very good. Most of them mean nothing to me obviously, but I’m sure lots of people would go for a Selwyn Jenkins T Shirt as it’s an iconic image that lots of people can empathise with. I can still remember the sports shop in my town and buying a Patrick cagoule from there in 1981. Plus ‘Casual Culture’ (Dressers in my part of the world) is still a big thing today. Or perhaps a T Shirt collab with that other Welsh artist Minty? Something that’s going to get you out of Port Talbot and into the wider world. You’ve obviously got a talent for this and I hope it takes you where you want to go. One last thing: Where did you get that blue and grey coat that you’re wearing in the film from? All the very best! Bob.

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