San Portablo Detroit Customers visit Aberafan Shopping Centre

Stall Life in Aberafan Shopping Centre has been varied since October - We have had visitors from around the World, Gdansk, Tel Aviv, Perth, Melbourne, Canada - but this week as we approach Xmas we had a visit from Peter Scott who left San Portablo and the troubador behind in the mid 80's to make a life in New York - he has been living in the Motor City of Detroit for the last 6 years and he came along to buy a Shunk and San Portablo T shirt....

Peter told us about Detroit and New York living - we have a common interest in Boxing and he had visited the Kronk Gym and met Milton McCory who fought Colin Jones in two World Title fights in the 80's...

Now Peter had heard about the Shunk t shirt because one of out top customers Clare James Deane had given a T shirt to her friend Angela who lives in Michigan and Angela had uploaded photos of herself with Shunk Life on social media and a mutual friend who also lived in Michigan had asked Peter what Shunk Meant?

Do your laces up you Shunk!

Tuck your Shirt in you Shunk!

Tidy your hair up you Shunk!

Anyhow small world. Two days later Ceri Passalacqua brings her sister Bethan Williams  to the Stall and Bethan bought some t shirts to take back to Detroit her home City- fingers crossed Peter and Beth will bump into each other in the Motor City one day...

Shunk Life wanted to explore a little more about the City that gave us Tamla Motown among other musical legacies, Diana Ross, Iggy Pop And The Stooges, MC5's, Smokey Robinson, the Four Tops all came from Detroit and others Like Stevie Wonder and Madonna came from the state of Michigan - 1901 will write a full bolg on the musical heritage of Detroit if we receive some images from our customer base in the Motor City..

Good Times

Nadolig Llawen i pawb

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