It was back in November 2016 when we first started planning a PLAZA t-shirt.

For various reasons, it has taken ten months for San Portablo1901 Plaza design to see the light of day.

Finally, happily, the T-shirt is now available to buy, in different sizes and colours.

For me, having spent the last two decades darting in and out of Port Talbot, of all the buildings still standing in town, it was the iconic Plaza cinema that always caught my eye.

The old Plaza, with it's amazing yellow tiled facade, cool as fuck curved glass windows and the heavy iron grid ventilation system above the old cafe (with the beautiful old school PEPSI sign) always had a heavy air of decaying charm.

The charm has never faded, but sadly, the decay has only increased, to such an extent that now there are hideous blue painted boards encircling the old cafe, Plaza fashions clothes shop and the old original wooden cinema doors, obscuring the entire bottom half of the cinema.

Health and safety concerns threaten the future of the Plaza like never before...If something doesn't happen soon the danger is that further decay would render the iconic Plaza even more unsafe, and before you know it, the old lady cinema might well slip away from us into a condemned, demolished, distant dream like so many other architectural relics of the town.  

Our Plaza T-shirt celebrates the old cinema.

We included our own billboard above the entrance (before this board was erected in the 1980's, delivery of all the film reels was taken through the exposed upper front window directly into the projectionists room) proudly advertising the home of the San Portablo Shakespeare Society (ala Burton, Hopkins, Sheen, and Marc Anthony, who is currently appearing in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night up in London at the Globe Theatre in London. 

We have a new kids design due out next week and we're very confident of finally getting out the much laboured Ron Evan's design (featuring The Grand Hotel) in the next few weeks.

Thanks to everyone for their continual support of San Portablo1901...

Viva 1901

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