Shunk Update

So the Shunk T shirt is out there

It has been seen sauntering

in the streets,

the promanade

and the pubs of San Portablo..

Takers have come from across the Ancient Borough

- Taibach, Goytre, Sandfields,

Aberafan, Pontrhydyfen, Cwmafan,

Velindre, Central, Baglan, Margam....

The Good Ladies of Baglan

have sent a Shunk T shirt to Michigan USA,

Shunk Funk has got into the bones

of a resident of Clifton, Brizzle,

another on a punk

in the funky streets of North London,,

there is one on its way

to the islands of the long white cloud

New Zealand..

There ain't no stopping

the march of the Shunk...

Stay locked to this site

to see updates and shots

of the Shunk journey

across the globe....

Stay locked

for news of the latest releases

from 1901

they will be coming shortly...



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  • Kathy

    I WANT a SHUNK t-shirt! Where? How???

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