It was during the filming of "Reflections in a Golden eye" in 1967 that Marlon Brando would first become acquainted with The San Portablo Shakespeare Society via Elizabeth Taylor. 

Brando also became firm friends with Taylor's husband Richard Burton. 

The closeness of Brando and Taylor's friendship ensured that the trios relationship was often tempestuous.

When Taylor won her second Oscar for "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf" in 1967, she was unable to collect her award in person due to filming "The Comedians" on location with Burton in Dahomey, Africa.

Brando picked up the award for her from the New York film critics circle in 1967 and personally flew it out to her in Africa to present her with it, a gesture which Burton found extremely odd and puzzling.

Tension mounted between Burton and Brando despite their mutual affection for one another, and the two great men would later become embroiled in a fist fight whilst aboard Burton and Taylor's yacht, the "Kalizema", as they sailed together around the Med.

Burton would later claim that had it not been for Brando's famous "mumble" style delivery he would have made a far superior actor, adding that he believed Brando to be more suited to silent cinema, that had he worked within this field he would undoubtedly  have been the greatest ever motion picture actor the world had ever seen. 

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